Presidents Message

Dear Wauchope Hockey Club Members,

I trust this email finds you in good health and high spirits as we embark on another exciting chapter in our hockey journey. As the newly appointed President of Wauchope Hockey Club, I am both honoured and thrilled to lead our hockey community into 2024.

I would like to introduce the Wauchope Hockey Club Board for 2024:

President: Richard Thomas

Vice President: Emily Davidson

Treasurer: Gabe Herron

Secretary: Interim – Emily Davidson

Ordinary Member: Indy Howell

Junior Match Committee Representative: Karen Knight

Senior Match Committee Representative: Vacant

Junior Coaching Coordinator: Sam Poole

Social Media Guru: Jamie-Lee Gourley

Thank you to the 2024 board for your time and commitment. If there are any members that would like to share the secretary role, please reach out to one of our board members and express your interest.

At the heart of Wauchope Hockey Club are the core values that have defined us over the years - participation, competition, inclusion, fair play and being family friendly. These values are not just words on paper, but they bind us together as a hockey family. As we step into the future, these values will continue to guide us, ensuring that every member feels a sense of belonging, and our club remains a place where everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or background, can participate and thrive.

In 2024, we are focused on several key priorities that will shape the trajectory of our club. These priorities are not just goals; they represent our commitment to local hockey, our community and the development of our club. Here's a brief overview:

Player Retention: Our players are the lifeblood of our club, and retaining their enthusiasm and commitment is paramount. We will implement strategies to ensure that every player, from our youngest juniors to our seasoned veterans, continues to find joy and purpose in being a part of Wauchope Hockey Club.

Coaching Development: A strong coaching staff is essential for the growth of our players. In 2024, we will invest in the development of our coaches, providing them with the tools and training needed to nurture talent, instill values, and foster a positive learning environment. We will continue to ensure that all junior teams have coaches and managers, and our senior teams will have managers to ensure that games run smoothly. Our board is developing a ‘Coaching Incentive Scheme’ to encourage more players to take on coaching roles, support students to become coaches and share some of the financial and time pressure of playing and coaching.

Rebranding Juniors: Our junior teams represent the future of Wauchope Hockey Club. We will undertake a rebranding initiative to enhance the experience for our junior players, creating an environment that is not only conducive to skill development but also fosters a love for the game that will stay with them for a lifetime. This process will also include the development of a new merchandise line of player and supporter clothing and apparel.

Improving Communication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of a thriving community. We are committed to enhancing our communication channels, ensuring that information flows seamlessly between the club, players, parents, and supporters. Transparency and accessibility are our guiding principles.

Social Calendar: We are more than just a hockey club; we are a community. Social events will be woven into the fabric of our club culture, providing opportunities for members to connect, celebrate, and forge lasting friendships both on and off the field.

2024 player Registrations are also open, just use the link from the club website.

I am filled with optimism and excitement for the journey ahead. Together, let us continue to build Wauchope Hockey Club as more than just a place to play, but a community that can share in great sport and enjoyment throughout 2024. Your passion and commitment are the driving forces that keep us moving forward, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Here's to a remarkable year of growth, success, and unforgettable moments on the field!

Yours in sport,

Richard Thomas


Wauchope Hockey Club

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